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AD:Vantage - Disabled Arts Sector Leadership Programme

AD:Vantage is an integrated cohesive programme of cultural leadership and creative entrepreneur training and development to support a diverse group of d/Deaf, disabled and neurodivergent cultural and creative leaders and entrepreneurs.

The pilot is funded through Coventry City Council and as such is applicants need to be living and/or working substantially in the Coventry area. In terms of eligibility the pilot will be open to Coventry based d/Deaf, disabled and neurodivergent arts professionals and creative practitioners who have been employed, have a self- employed professional practice or portfolio career in the cultural, heritage and creative sector of at least three years.

This includes but not exclusively producers, arts managers, artists, makers, arts marketeers, fundraisers, curators, invigilators, front of house staff, technical staff and creative technologists.

Participants will need to be at least 3+ years in their career, so they have established working practice and a sense of future career direction. The programme could bridge the gap between current situation and aspiration. Furloughed staff will be entitled to attend, and all employee participants will need employer sign off/or “sponsor” authorising time and space required for their participation.

We will provide support for the recruitment process including a tech audit to ensure ability to participate remotely, use of video applications, and on how to ensure PAs/carers/attendance support are part of the whole programme as necessary and as part of reasonable adjustments. As a pilot the programme will be flexible in delivery especially under the current circumstances.

For this programme we are using an inclusive definition of disability based on the Social Model. The Social Model states that it is the physical and attitudinal barriers in society that disable people.

To discover more about the project and to apply visit the AD:Vantage website.