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Call Out: Disabled Workshop Participants

Designing Inclusive Augmented/Virtual Reality Experiences (Facebook Funded Project)​​​​​​​

Researchers from the DMT (Digital Media Technology) Lab at Birmingham City University have been awarded a Facebook grant to address the lack of accessibility features in virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) hardware and software.

As part of the project they will be running a series of workshops to explore the challenges and possibilities associated with developing inclusive augmented/virtual reality experiences. The events will be multi-disciplinary in nature and comprised of representatives from key stakeholders (i.e. academic experts, industry specialists, assistive technologists, charities, etc.), including people with a range of impairments.

The plan is to use the outputs/findings from the workshops to inform a "research agenda" identifying priority areas requiring further attention in the short-medium term (across areas such as work, education, and the creative sector). This will then be shared with the wider community to help further accelerate progress and impact.

They are seeking participants with different forms of impairment (across the spectrum of physical, visual, hearing, and cognitive impairments) to contribute at the next workshop on 21 January (which will be held from 9:30-15:30 - with an hour for lunch between 12:00-13:00).

The workshop will involve contributing towards some focused discussion points to share views and perspectives on potential accessibility barriers around augmented/virtual reality, as well as future opportunities in using this technology (in small groups of around 5-7).

The workshops will be held online and they are offering all attendees a £250 gift card for their time and contribution. Participants can also cover any accessibility expenses related to attending, up to the value of £125.

Please contact Dr Chris Creed ( if you're interested in taking part in the workshop.