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Call Out: Herbert Art Gallery and Museum

This commission is part of the 2 Tone: Lives and Legacies project. The aim of the project is to tell the story of the 2 Tone label and how it became an important part of British culture during the late 1970s and early 1980s.

The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum want to share the stories of not only those that were directly involved like musicians, DJs and journalists, but also the legions of fans who followed the music, the fashion and the message. They also want to look at the legacy of 2 Tone and how it has come to influence music, fashion, and culture worldwide.

The 2 Tone: Lives and Legacies project will include a major new exhibition at the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum during May to September 2021, as well as a season of events during the summer of 2021.

They would like to commission an artist to develop and create a 2 Tone family tree which visually displays the origins of the 2 Tone sound, the bands that were part of the 2 Tone movement and the musicians that 2 Tone influenced in the subsequent decades, up to the present day.

Artists interested in the project are invited to submit a proposal by 30 October by email to Dominic Bubb, Exhibitions Officer, Culture Coventry