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'Coffee Collective' Explore Collaborating Remotely

The 'Coffee Collective' met for their second creative coffee morning over Zoom.

The group is made up of 11 artists who met through DASH's 2020 online course; 'Art Influencers: A Guided Tour of Art History'. They have continued to stay in touch - sharing and discussing their art work and practises, as well as offering workshops to share creative skills with one another.

At their recent 'winter edition' coffee morning, the group began to explore new ways of collaborating remotely.

Many consider themselves 'outsider artists' - and this only strengthens the diversity of the collective. There is a rich variety of backgrounds and arts practises in a range of fields, including: psychology, new media, painting, creative writing, biochemistry, prosthetics, printmaking, mental health and community, textiles and jewellery-making.. to name just a few!

We are incredibly excited to see where the future might lead and how we may be able to support this fabulous disability arts collective post-2020.

Featured image by Georgia Murphy

"I made this while taking part in DASH arts great 'Art influencers' course after our session on collage and assemblage. I made it using one of my old lino prints and a mix of words and letters from newspapers and magazines I had lying around - I picked words that spoke to my personal experience during the pandemic but also to wider issues and topics in the news. "

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