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Corinne – Outside In artist residency

Corinne’s distinctly dark and evocative self-portraits reflect her ongoing struggles with mental health. As she rarely leaves home, her work is created from the safety of her bedroom.

Her life and art have become inextricably entwined. Through her use of art as therapy, she is able to find a cathartic release.​​​​​​​

Corinne is using her residency hosted by New Art Gallery Walsall and Outside In, to explore the impact of the pandemic on mental health. Each week, she shares her work and experiences, posing a series of questions to an online audience who can respond anonymously through Survey Monkey.

She will draw on these responses to create an installation in her bedroom, using her bedsheets, pillows and nightdress.

Her progress was revealed at a special online event on Saturday 8 May​​​​​​​ when Corinne also answered questions.

More About the Artist: