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Introducing Sanaa

We are pleased to announce that Sanaa will be representing DASH on the Youth Advisory Board of the In Place of War; 100 Agents of Change project.

The 100 Agents of Change​​​​​​​ project is an exciting new art and activism project connecting some of the most revolutionary innovative artists and change makers from around the world with young people from marginalised communities in the UK, to share their experiences, skills and knowledge.

We live in an increasingly polarised world, but there are beacons of hope – young people becoming agents of change, and using technology and innovative methods to form international solidarities and use creativity to educate against and fight injustice.

Sanaa says, "I am very excited to represent DASH on the Youth Advisory Board! The project will explore arts, access and activism. I look forward to working with DASH's agents of change and seeing what our new collective might create." ​​​​​​​