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Jennifer Lauren Gallery is Researching Opportunities for Disabled Artists

​​​​​​​Jennifer Lauren is looking for help with some research I am carrying out that has been funded by an individual’s emergency grant from Arts Council England. I am researching into what opportunities are/are not available for disabled and/or Deaf visual artists in the UK and would like to hear from you.

She will collect this information in a variety of ways, but please contact her if none of these are suitable. ​​​​​​​

1. A survey monkey questionnaire that will take around ten minutes to complete and your answers will be sent to Jennifer anonymously – please access the link here: This will be available until 5pm on Sunday 7 June 2020.

2. You can email your answers to the following three questions instead of completing the questionnaire to:

a) What opportunities do you know are available for disabled and/or Deaf visual artists, how accessible are they and what might stop you being able to access them?

b) Have you accessed any of these opportunities and can you tell me how helpful they have been? And following this, if it didn’t work for you, what could have been improved?

c) In an ideal world, what would you like support with in order to further your artistic practice? It may not be available at the moment or it may already exist but in a way that isn’t suited to you. What would be the best ways for you to find and be able to access these opportunities?

3. I will be holding a zoom discussion about these questions on Thursday 28 May at 2pm if you would rather share your thoughts then. This will be recorded for me to then be able to transcribe. Let me know if you would like to be a part of this and I will send a link for the session. If I get lots of interest in this I will create a second discussion, as I do not want it to feel too busy. I would also be happy to do small discussions with groups of artists from one studio over zoom to hear their views so please let me know if this might possible?

4. Alternatively if you would rather talk to Jennifer one-to-one over the phone, please email me and we can arrange a time for a discussion to take place. My email again is

Your responses will help greatly with Jennifers research in trying to make a more inclusive visual arts sector and one which is more suited to everyone's needs including access needs. Alongside your responses she will be conducting my own research into what is currently available, focusing on the ease in which opportunities are identified and their accessibility.