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The Awkward Bastards are back! Coming to you from a bedroom/lounge/kitchen/cubby hole/Zoom room somewhere in the UK.

‘The Desert Mountains & Dreary Glaciers are My Refuge’ by Ashokkumar Mistry.

This is the second of five films that have been commissioned by DASH to reflect life as a Disabled Artist during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Ashokkumar Mistry’s film tells the story of isolation, loss, and is formed by his “documentation of this year’s banal oddities including the glacial growth of the hair on my head”.

This film is based on his poem 'The Lonesome'

There’s a story here
A story I can’t tell
Or, rather don’t want to tell
Of a hairs length Measure of time
And hairs width gap in memory
That grows and grows until
You can’t remember how you looked
Since you last battled the blade ...

You can read the full poem via the link at the bottom of this page.

Visit the Awkward Bastards At Home project page for more infomation and to view the the films released so far in the series.