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Out of Sight Out of Mind Exhibition

Out of Sight Out of Mind promises ‘exhibition for all’, with work on show at Summerhall in Edinburgh and online via brand new OOSOOM website:

Exhibition launches on Thursday 12 November 2020 6.30-8.30pm

Out of Sight Out of Mind, an ambitious multimedia exhibition featuring artworks by 100 individuals who have experience of mental health issues, is to return for its eighth year– and will be available online for the first time.

The exhibition is being described as a display of solidarity, inclusivity and community in the midst of an exceptional and challenging year, in which it has been ‘harder than ever’ for marginalised voices to be heard.

This year there will be paintings, drawings, prints, films, sculptures, and hopefully, a few installations, both at Summerhall and on their website.

Felicity Edwards, OOSOOM exhibitor organiser said:
“At the heart of Out of Sight out of Mind are many voices speaking through art. This exhibition seeks to be inclusive in its work and organisers unequivocally stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, the LGBTQ community and all those disadvantaged in society. We believe each perspective is unique and every voice deserves to be heard. We know that not all exhibitors and audience members have online access and that not everyone will be able to visit the exhibition in person because of COVID. So we hope that by doing both there will be something for as many people as possible. This is an exhibition for all.”​​​​​​​

Over the past two years, Out of Sight Out of Mind has drawn nearly 2000 visitors to its annual exhibition at Summerhall. This year both its physical and online exhibitions on the same day, 12 November. The brand new Out of Sight Out of Mind website will allow it to reach a larger audience than ever. The launch will also be online and there will be online events throughout the month.

Entrance to the physical exhibition at Summerhall will be subject to Covid restrictions, with visitors needing to book a time slot for their visit.

Pam van de Brug from CAPS Independent Advocacy said:
“Although it will mean smaller numbers can visit, this will give some people the chance to see the work in a physical way as is often the intention when an artwork is made. It also allows those who don’t have internet access to see the work. In whatever format people visit Out of Sight Out of Mind this year, as usual, it is going to be a unique, diverse and very human collection of works.”​​​​​​​

CL Gamble - exhibitor and organiser:
"As someone who has been touched by many issues surrounding mental health, both personally and among my family and friends, I feel the OOSOOM exhibition plays an important part in allowing individuals to show concepts and ideas that are often difficult to talk about. Art can communicate in subtle, complex ways that language alone isn't always able to capture. I am looking forward to seeing works from installations to poetry, photography & paintings. I'm sure there will be some surprises, but the sense of community among the planning groups has already been a wonderful experience.

Many parts of our life since March have been stifled and we are lucky. Some of us this November can come together through art, to be human, to make and show beautiful things in the context of darkness and confusion.”

Although they have been hoping to also have a physical exhibition at Summerhall as usual, they only recently made the decision to go ahead with it. Despite the challenging circumstances, there are several galleries and museums open around the city of Edinburgh just now. We considered it to be really important that Out of Sight Out of Mind exhibitors could have the same opportunity.

We know that Out of Sight Out of Mind exhibition is important to the many people who take part and of great relevance to our wider community as mental health is touches so many people’s lives.

Often people who have experience of mental health issues do not have their voices heard and in the current situation it can be harder than ever. This exhibition is a platform for their voices and for them to say whatever it is they would like to say.

The launch event will take place on 12 November from 6:30pm – 7:30pm.
The exhibition will run from 13 – 29 November (opening times and days to be confirmed)

Details of other events like OOSOOM Uncovered, which is a meet the artist afternoon and a few creative workshops to be confirmed.