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Seeing Sound

Seeing Sound brings together a partnership between The British Library, the Free Space Project (London) and The Brain Charity (Liverpool) to explore language through natural sounds taken from The British Library’s extensive sound archive. The project is designed for people living with aphasia, an impairment in language following an injury to the brain, most commonly from a stroke in the left hemisphere.

From November 2020 until January 2021 both groups will explore sounds from the natural world with artist and speech and language therapist Cat Andrew. From historical coastal sounds to the ambience of woodlands, the group will be supported to create visual artworks visualising different sound. There is an opportunity for participants to exhibit their work in Kentish Town Health Centre in April 2021.

Seeing Sound is a part of The British Library’s Unlocking Our Sound Heritage project.

To take part in the London sessions contact or 07465 244073.

To take part in the Liverpool sessions please contact or call 0151 298 2999.