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Shaping Our Lives: Tech Survey

Please help Shaping Our Lives by completing/sharing their second survey detailed below.

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Shaping Our Lives has been given some money from the National Lottery Community Fund to do research about the impacts of the Covid19 pandemic. This, our second survey, is about using technology for keeping in touch, having meetings and appointments during the Covid19 pandemic and lockdown.

During the Covid19 pandemic many appointments, meetings and leisure activities have taken place remotely. We want to find out if remote communication technology is a good way for you to take part or receive a service. Or, if remote ways of communicating are difficult or impossible for you to use.

They would be very grateful if you answer a short survey.

This survey is only for d/Deaf and Disabled people. Disabled people are people with sensory, cognitive, neurodevelopmental conditions, learning disabilities or physical impairments, mental health issues and people with long term health conditions.

You will not be asked to give your name and all answers will be kept anonymous. What you and other people tell us will then be used to tell people in national and local government the support d/Deaf and Disabled people need to use remote communication technology and if it is suitable all the time.

To complete the survey you can either complete your answers online or send an email to: information and we can send a Word version of the survey for you to complete.

Call Becki on 07956 424511 and do the survey over the telephone or by Zoom.

The survey will take about 15 minutes. There is no involvement payment offered for completing this survey. This is a different survey to the one we recently launched about the impact of Covid19 on Independent Living and we would like people to complete both surveys if possible.

Thank you for taking part and contributing to this research.

Shaping Our Lives is a leading national user-led organisation that has expertise in the inclusive involvement of people from diverse, seldom heard and marginalised communities, enabling disabled people and service users to meaningfully influence policy creating relevant and effective services. Our work has three core elements:
1. Developing, implementing and facilitating inclusive involvement activities.
2. Conducting user-led, experiential and participatory action research.
3. Representing user-led groups nationally

Check out our Resource Library for an index of titles where you can download a number of free documents of particular interest to the service user movement.
Remember, if you are a member of Shaping Our Lives you can post onto the notice board and update your information on your personal page as many times as you want.

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