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Suzie Larke: Artist Talk

Free Space Project are excited to announce that they are going to be holding an online talk with artist Suzie Larke on her latest exhibition with us ‘Unseen’.​​​​​​​

Suzie Larke is a visual artist and photographer from Cardiff. Her project uses conceptual photography to depict the mental health experiences of a group of participants. She uses constructed imagery, digitally stitching photographs together in such a way that they present as a single, untampered image. By using ‘magical realism’ to transform photographs that take the everyday and skew it, she creates images that interpret the subjective experience of mental health.

Unseen aims to help people find a visual language through conceptual photography, helping them express their inner experiences in an empowering and engaging way. By using imagery to connect with an audience, this project also aims to increase awareness and conversation about mental wellbeing, and unite us in the knowledge that everyone experiences – and can overcome – struggle.

The talk will be held on the 17 February 6pm - 7pm and is open to everyone!

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