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The Archive of the Unseen

Jennifer Lauren Gallery would like to invite you to take part in Christopher Samuel’s research.

Your participation in this research is entirely voluntary, but you will be paid a small fee to take part. Before you decide whether you would like to be interviewed or not, they would like you to understand why the research is being done and what it would involve for you.

Please read the following information carefully and if you have any questions at all, please contact the freelance producer Jennifer Gilbert via email on

If phone is better please let them know and you can chat over the phone instead.

The research is funded by Unlimited and the Wellcome Collection, London.

What is the project?​​​​​​​

The Archive of the Unseen will be a touring artwork consisting of an interactive display housed in a custom-built microform reader/viewer unit.

Using this, viewers will navigate an encyclopedic narrative, exploring Christopher’s lived experience, as a black disabled man from a working-class background growing up in the 1970s, combined with archive materials from Wellcome Collection and other sources, including medical records and interview research.

The work is being made to be exhibited around the UK, as well as having accessible content that can be accessed online at any point.

This work builds on from the Unlimited and Wellcome Collection research project that Christopher completed in 2020. In the original research project, Christopher had the opportunity to explore the Wellcome Collection.

He was hoping to find out if his experience of growing up in the 1970s as a black disabled child from a working-class family, was represented in the collection.

He found that he was not represented in his ethnicity, social class, or family circumstances within the archive materials. He produced a presentation and developed the concept for this work from this research.

Overall, the piece expresses the ideas of health and challenges the standard narrative of what it is to grow up disabled in the UK.

To find out more about this project and how you can get involved visit

How to get involved?​​​​​​​

Should the above be of interest and you meet the criteria, please contact Jennifer Gilbert via email to show your interest:​​​​​​​

The deadline for contacting Jennifer is Sunday 12 December 2021