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The Art of Death: Workshop

This is an Open Call for participants who self-identify as chronically ill, sick, shielders, soft shielders and disabled.​​​​​​​

This series of workshops invites participants to contribute to a collagic embroidered work exploring the multitude of experiences in the early months of the pandemic.

The project started life in early 2020 during Poppy’s research residency with the Welcome Collection. Looking into the expression of illness in pre-1500 Medieval manuscripts, Poppy came across and fell in love with the Ars Morendi (The Art of Death) - an illuminated manuscript laying out the instructions of ‘how to die well’.

She found the images in this text striking - the various vignettes of people confined to their bed resonated with her as a humorous parallel to her own experiences of her bed as both a place of retreat as well as holding the association of being trapped by chronic illness.

This research took on a new significance for Poppy during the first Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020, where as a clinically vulnerable person, she did not leave her flat for months.

For this project, she wishes to expand her experience into a multifaceted digital textile piece. The backbone of the piece will be an intricate deconstruction of the first 6 weeks Poppy spent in isolation in her flat, fusing her personal experience with that of others in a similar position, as well as the more global collective experience.

Applying the medieval process of personalising books through illumination, each participant will be provided with a different woodcut images from the Ars Morendi to fill in as they wish pertaining to their own experience of the first lockdown and isolation as a vulnerable person.

Scans of these will then be embroidered onto the tapestry as vignettes in conversation with one another other, alongside patches specifically related to Poppy’s experience, and together forming a part of deconstructing this collective experience.

Poppy and Annika hope that they can also create a safe holding space for conversation and healing through the collective making and process of this workshop.

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