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TV Show Seeks Amateur Artists

Drawers Off is the show where talented amateur artists get to show the
world what they can do, but also become the subject of the art
themselves, as they take it in turns to be the life-model for others
to paint/draw.

The show will create a positive, fun and encouraging atmosphere, where
the most inclusive and broadest range of amateur artists can express
themselves and improve their skills, at times using artistic
techniques they may not have tried before. And when it’s their turn to
be the near-naked life-model, our fellow art mentor will offer
practical and emotional support, and some well-placed props too.
Decency must always be maintained, for those in the room and all those
watching at home. This is daytime telly after all!

Working in groups of five artists, each show will see the finished
life drawings/paintings then judged by that days “model” without
knowing who is responsible for each work, and at the end of the block
of five shows the artist with the highest number of points wins a cash
prize of £1,000.

To apply, simply click the link to the application below or email:

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