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Visual Arts Webinar

A webinar with Aidan Moesby and Elinor Morgan and the DASH Curatorial Commissions Programme.

This session is for visual artists and curators and anyone with an interest in the visual arts.

Disabled artist Aidan Moesby was selected through a DASH callout to be part of their Curatorial Commissions Programme.

The aim of that programme is to change the culture of the visual arts sector to make it more inclusive and accessible.

Aidan was one of three artists paired with large arts institutions across the UK to take on the role of the curator, learn more about the role and all that it encompasses and to put it into practice through an exhibition. It was a two-way learning experience that we will hear more about through this talk.

Aidan was paired with MIMA (Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art) and worked very closely for a year alongside their Head of Programmes Elinor Morgan.

Join Jennifer Gilbert of the Jennifer Lauren Gallery, as she chats to Aidan and Elinor about the experience, the outcomes and what's next.

There will be plenty of time to ask questions.

Event Details

Date: Tuesday, 13 July 2021
Time: 12:00 – 13:00 BST

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