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Wirelife by Lynn Cox

Visually impaired artist Lynn Cox is excited to announce her 1st Solo exhibition: Wirelife.

The exhibition runs until 6 November 2022 and takes place at:

Delta House Studios Gallery,
Riverside Rd,
SW17 0BA.

Wirelife explores a way of drawing in three dimensions which takes on different realities and perceptions for the viewer to investigate.

Her wire 3D sculptures are designed to give a fluid notion of altering the understanding of an art by morphing when felt.

There isn‘t a right or wrong way to touch the work.

It doesn’t matter if curious fingers transform the artwork into an altered sculpture, as some design restraints are integrated into the production.

See Lynns's latest work Gaze of hu-MAN-ity: a two sided Medusa being completed on site. Taking over 400 hrs and counting, this Medusa has the beautiful woman with coiling snakes persona on one side and on the other the gorgoneia with tusks, beard, bulbous nose and a lolling tongue.

Visiting on Request
Contact Lynn on 07818437651 or​​​​​​​

Come and touch and look at the artwork.

Visit Lynn's Artist page on the DASH website.