• Juan delGado's Altered Landscapes launches on Saturday 17 June at New Art Exchange, Nottingham. Further information on the launch event is below. Altered Landscapes will be on display until August 6.
  • You can visit the dedicated INSIDE project website by clicking HERE - where you will find ongoing project updates and images.


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INSIDE - Juan delGado, Altered Landscapes:

Altered Landscapes - an immersive multimedia exhibition by Juan delGado which tackles themes of trauma, displacement, personal narratives and landscape.

Join us as we launch this exciting project!

Saturday 17 June at New Art Exchange, between 12pm and 2pm.

Juan delGado has been awarded an INSIDE commission from New Art Exchange and DASH. INSIDE is a Disability Arts commissioning programme led by DASH with funding from Arts Council England.

Admission: FREE.
Age range: All are welcome.

Please note that the launch event requires booking!

Please visit: or contact New Art Exchange - 0115 924 8630 / - We recommend arriving 15 minutes before the event start time.

Further information:

Altered Landscapes is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and by the Spanish Embassy Office for Cultural and Scientific Affairs in London.

Refugee Week is a time to develop our understanding of refugee experiences and to celebrate the rich contributions they make to our culture. NAE are part of the Midlands-based collective Beyond Borders.

The exhibition will be on show until August 6.

The landscape bears witness to the traumas and displacements of the people that move through it. Altered Landscapes is an immersive multimedia installation which traces a personal narrative through the scarred vistas of Europe in the midst of the largest mass migration in living memory.

For this exhibition delGado travelled to Greece, Macedonia and Calais to record the journeys taken by refugees. delGado has not filmed these 'invisible' people but the places they have passed through and the traces of their existence they have left. In place of the images proliferated by the media delGado presents fragments of experiences and fleeting moments that tell the human story of people caught in the unfolding sweep of history. 

Through the use of video, photography, light and sound, Altered Landscapes takes the viewer on a journey. The viewer navigates the different elements in the gallery space absorbing the experiences of the refugees and witnessing the reshaping of the continent as Europe's horizons fill up with the authoritarian towers of a new militarised border control.

Inspired by the text The Metamorphosis by Czech writer Franz Kafka, and the anxiety ridden B-movie The Incredible shrinking man from 1956, the project centres on a personal diary from a narrator, a European subject, who is describing how his human identity is gradually eroded, being transformed into something else, as a response to the suffering he is viewing.

These reflections are provoked by the events and debates of the last few years around the refugee crisis and are contextualised in a landscape which is strongly embedded in our collective imagination: Greece with its Acropolis, the ancient citadel of Athens, and the birthplace of the democratic values and culture.

The main video installation is accompanied by an audio description available through headphones, and is screened with captions at regular intervals.

The INSIDE funding has provided us with a valuable opportunity to work with Juan delGado a London based artist with hearing impairment who explores themes of trauma, disability and dislocation. The fund has enabled us to co-commission his new film, Altered Landscapes, which will be launched at NAE in June 2017. In this project delGado continues his enquiry into personal narratives and the restrictions on movement, focusing on the ongoing influx of displaced people crossing from Turkey into Greece and Macedonia. As well as the financial support working with DASH has also provided us with a great opportunity to enhance our knowledge and skills in terms of working with disabled artists and audiences.  Helping us to further grow our access programme aimed at engaging diverse audiences with different abilities. Therefore, bringing us closer to our ambition to share our passion for the visual arts and our exhibitions and events with as many as people as possible.  

Armindokht Shooshtari - Producer – Touring & Creative Programmes.


INSIDE - Daniel Regan and Antonia Attwood:

Artists Daniel Regan & Antonia Attwood have been announced as the recipients of an INSIDE commission to make new work relating to themes of mental wellbeing and safe spaces.

This new commission, focused on supporting disabled artists, is a collaboration between QUAD and D-Lab in partnership with LEVEL and Junction Arts, supported by funding from DASH.

Regan & Attwood will be in residence at QUAD in the latter part of 2016, producing new work that will also touch upon the broad theme of 'Habitat', and will take the form of still and moving image works, with digitally driven additional works. The work will initially be included within the QUAD programme during FORMAT17, also on the D-Lab website and at the LEVEL Centre, during 2017. 

INSIDE is a Disability Arts commissioning programme led by DASH with funding from Arts Council England.  DASH has been an instigator and initiator of the commissioning of new work by Disabled visual artists within mainstream galleries since 2008, enabling Disabled artists to create new work and collaborate with new institutions.In collaboration, we seek to commission work by leading national and international disabled artists, examining the way in which diversity is an intrinsic part of the creative process and enabling these artists and venues to transcend barriers.

Antonia Attwood:

Artist Filmmaker Antonia Attwood graduated in 2014. Her practice in still and moving image explores the phenomenology of mental health, translating verbal descriptions and stories from people who have lived experience of mental illness. Antonia's work aims to illustrate and visually interpret how mental illness 'feels'. 

A major piece of her acclaimed work is My Mother Tongue produced with her mother who has bipolar disorder. The premise and motivation, wanting to further understand the condition and her mother's experiences. 

Antonia has shown her work at Photofusion, The Institute of Psychiatry, Hotel Elephant, Free Space Gallery, The Dragon Cafe, Broadway Cinema Nottingham and London College of Communication. She also recently exhibited at The Depot Clapton, for Photomonth 2015 and Brighton Photo Fringe. Antonia has had commissions from the Institute of Inner Vision to create short films that explore the theme of mental health.

Daniel Regan:

Daniel Regan is an artist captivated by the human condition. His practice focuses on themes of emotions, well-being and the processing of life's experiences. The thread of intimacy and the desire to connect with others and his own internal experiences weaves its way throughout his practice.

Daniel studied photography at both BA and MA level at Brighton University and the London College of Communication, respectively. During these periods Regan examined both his own role as a mental health service user as well as the benefits of the arts for those affected by emotional difficulties. 

Daniel often works with charities to create powerful imagery that represents their beneficiaries, working closely with those affected by alopecia and burns survivors. Daniel regularly exhibits work in fine art and clinical settings, both nationally and internationally, alongside devising and running community arts projects focusing on using photography as a tool for emotional expression.

QUAD is Derby's centre for art and film, on the Market Place in Derby city centre. QUAD is a gallery, cinema, café bar and workshop that anyone can use. QUAD is a partnership between Derby City Council and Arts Council England. See for more information.

D-Lab supported by Arts Council England through the National Lottery, Derbyshire County Council and Arts Derbyshire, aims to bring the best and most exciting new media artists and artworks to an online audience, focussing especially on artists and organisations in Derbyshire and the East Midlands. D-Lab wants artists to take risks and experiment with digital media, and to showcase their work to an online audience. 

DASH is one of the leading disability visual arts organisations in the UK.  DASH's commissioning programmes started in 2008, to date they have commissioned twelve Disabled visual artists in partnership with galleries and cultural organisations in the UK.

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