Cultivating spaces for extraordinary artists
DASH is a Disabled led visual arts organisation. We commission exciting new work by disabled visual artists; we run workshops; mentoring for artists and training.

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DASH supports visual artists who self define as Disabled. From emerging to established artists, through mentoring, project management and commissioning new work.
Take a delve into our archive, stretching back to 1992.

Blog Articles

Professional Development Session at Ort Gallery
DASH's Artistic Director will provide information on the social model of disability, access, access statements and access support.
Review of Art and Social Change: The Disability Arts Movement
The exhibition sheds light on the Disability Arts Movement in an authentic and accessible manner by unravelling individuals’ stories and experiences through artwork and performance.
Volunteer opportunity at MAC Birmingham
We are delighted to announce that we are offering volunteer opportunities at MAC Birmingham gathering survey information during Anna Berry's upcoming exhibition.
Public Conference - Disability Arts: Slaughtering the Sacred Cows
This dynamic event examines current issues related to the challenges and opportunities of Disability Arts, bringing together leading practitioners including keynote speaker, artist Aaron Williamson.