Cultivating spaces for extraordinary artists
DASH is a Disabled led visual arts organisation. We commission exciting new work by disabled visual artists; we run workshops; mentoring for artists and training.

Working in Partnership

Selected films, guides and other useful info
DASH supports visual artists who self define as Disabled. From emerging to established artists, through mentoring, project management and commissioning new work.
Take a delve into our archive, stretching back to 1992.

Blog Articles

See artist Alistair Gentry as he creates work in the galleries using reproductions of artworks from the Tate Collection as part of We Are Invisible We Are Visible #WAIWAV
Disabled Artists Take Over
Disabled Artists take over 30 museums and galleries across Britain and Northern Ireland to celebrate the joy of Dada
The Art of Compassion and Imagination
DASH Artistic Director, Mike Layward will present his talk 'Solidarity Not Pity' at the Ignite Imaginations Conference: The Art of Compassion and Imagination.
We Want Your Dada Ideas!
As part of WAIWAV, DASH want to hear your ideas for 102 ways to celebrate the 102nd Anniversary of the 1st Dada Exhibition held in Berlin.