Cultivating spaces for extraordinary artists



You can help DASH make a difference to lives of Disabled artists both locally and nationally. 


With your support our programme of work can continue to grow and be accessed by more people.


Some of the great work that you can help support include the following: 

  • Art Influencers is our new work with Young Disabled Artists, an online course designed to offer an introduction to the history of art. It is designed for creative people aged 16 - 30.

    They will learn about key art periods and Disabled Artists from the past, and explore them in more depth through a weekly creative art challenge. 
  • Our mentoring programmes have given over 100 disabled artists one to one professional development with arts professionals. Disabled Artists who have accessed this programme have been awarded from grant applications £45,000 to date.
  • The new Curatorial commissioning work is taking Disabled artists to the next stage in their careers, in the form of Curatorial residencies.