Cultivating spaces for extraordinary artists





You can help DASH make a difference to lives of Disabled artists both locally and nationally. 


With your support our programme of work can continue to grow and be accessed by more people.


Some of the great work that you can help support include the following: 

  • Created for young Disabled Artists, Worlds Within Worlds used the confinements of lockdown as a starting point to explore artistic and creative practice. The programme contracted three trainers to deliver the programme and two artist practitioners to provide workshops on Disability Arts, the Social Model and Disability Activism. The group have continued to develop their artworks post programme and will be exhibited on the DASH website gallery in 2022.
  • Our mentoring programmes have given over 115 disabled artists one to one professional development with arts professionals. 
  • The recent Curatorial commissioning work is taking Disabled artists to the next stage in their careers, in the form of Curatorial residencies.
  • In 2021 DASH launched the Future Curators Programme, which will see another three organisations join the Curatorial Network, offering even more opportunities for Disabled artist residencies from 2023 - 2026.