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Creative Seminar Series
15 October 2018
May 8th, 2018
February 28th, 2018


ACE funding announcement
Tuesday 27th June 2017
Inside Commission at New Art Exchange
17 JUNE - 6 AUGUST 2017
Inside Commission at QUAD
23 MARCH - 24 APRIL 2017

Artists Daniel Regan and Antonia Attwood explore the soothing qualities of natural spaces in this immersive exhibition that fuses virtual reality, video, photography and sound. The artists — both working in the field of mental health and well-being — have responded to the theme of HABITAT by examining how different landscapes can offer safety and respite in today's fast moving world.

During summer of 2016, the artists began their research into what constitutes a safe space by asking for anonymous contributions from strangers. Overwhelmingly, the responses focused on the power of nature: the sounds of the sea and water; being in forests and open fields; the therapeutic act of walking or curling up by a warm fire.

Regan and Attwood's inquiry into how we feel safe or soothed took them on various journeys — recording sights, sounds and light across England. The resulting exhibition is the culmination of these journeys, physically constructed into individual rooms. Viewers are invited to immerse themselves and switch off from the frenetic pace of modern life.

As part of their commission, Regan and Attwood delivered a series of workshops during the exhibition, around the theme of safe and soothing spaces. These workshops were designed for people that may be experiencing their own set of difficulties, including adults with mental health difficulties, the elderly and adolescent children on the autistic spectrum.

This project was made in conjunction with QUAD, FORMAT, Inside arts, D-LAB, Level Centre, Junction Arts and Arts Council England.  

Images credit: Daniel Regan & Antonia Attwood, images from the exhibition 'Be Here, Now', 2016

Awkward Bastards: Absence
22nd - 23rd March 2017

Awkward Bastards: ABsence took place on 22nd - 23rd March at mac birmingham.

Recordings of the talks and performances are available to view on YouTube

You can also find a round-up of reactions to the event on social media here.

Workshops, keynote speeches, panel debates, open mic - with internationally renowned artists and academics, focussing on underrepresentation, exclusion and invisibility.

Co produced by DASH, mac birmingham and LADA.

- - - - -

DASH's Awkward Bastards symposium in March 2015 was one of the first to engage with the spectrum of diversity from disability, ethnicity, sexuality, to gender and class. The Awkward Bastards returned with ABsence in 2017 to consider the ways in which diverse artists and practices have been, are, or could be framed, and our collective responsibilities to our pasts and our futures.

Contributors to the 2017 symposium:

Frances Morris (Tate Modern), Tony Heaton (Shape), Mohammed Ali (artist), Rachel Anderson (Idle Women), Julie McNamara (Vital Xposure), Daniel Oliver (artist), Jamila Johnson Small (artist/organiser), Simon Casson (Duckie), Katharine Araniello & Aaron Williamson (Disabled Avant Garde), Sue Austin (artist), Melanie Keen (Iniva), Nick Llewellyn & Cian Binchy (Access All Areas), David A Bailey (International Curators Forum), Aaron Wright (Fierce Festival), sean burn (artist), Tanya Raabe-Webber (artist), Helga Henry (Birmingham Hippodrome), Sarah Watson & Rory Baird (Creative Minds), Rachel Gadsden (artist), Charlotte Gregory (Vamos), Lara Ratnaraja (consultant) and Caroline Parker (actor)

ABsence is a collaboration with the Live Art Development Agency, London and mac birmingham.


The first INSIDE commissions
Wednesday 29th June 2016
An 'in' with a stranger
16th January 2016
January 1st 2016
Stop the Shropshire Arts Cuts
January 2016


Turning it on it's head
December 2015
Launch of Cultivate
Monday 14th September 2015
Art Express exhibition
1st June 2015
In Conversation With The Past premiere
16th May 2015
Almost a Score at Arnolfini
20th March 2015
Disrupted at mac birmingham
Saturday 14th March 2015
Firing the can(n)on of disability arts
March 2015
The Awkward Bastards Symposium
Thursday 12th March 2015
Tu Fewn artists announced
15th February 2015


Tu Fewn commissions announced
Wednesday 22nd October 2014
The Big Draw - From Micro to Macro
5th October 2014
DASH secures three year funding
Friday 4th July 2014
Arnolfini commission for IN project
1st July 2014
Nicola Lane commission with Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery
1st June 2014
Tu Fewn commissions announced
8th May 2014
Curator in Residence at mac birmingham
1st May 2014
Sound Canvas at the Hive
Monday 17th February 2014
Walls with Wounds at The Herbert
February 14th 2014
Disability Art and Equality Training workshop
Friday 7th February 2014
Our first crowd-funding experience is a success!
1st January 2014


More Photoshop workshops in Shrewsbury
12th and 19th December 2013
Sound Canvas wins a Jodi-Award
11th November 2013
Photoshop workshops at the Hive
7th, 14th and 21st November 2013
Outside In Opportunity in AN magazine
1st September 2009
Animation workshop at the Hive
18th and 19th July 2013
Sound Canvas is unveiled at The Public
13th July 2013
Portrait Painting workshop with Tanya Raabe
23rd May 2013
Disability Art and Equality Training for Artists
Friday 26th April 2013
DASH Annual report for 2012/13
31st March 2013
Shropshire Star Advertisement
8th January 2011
New Gallery partners for 'in'
January 1st, 2013


DASH moves to the Hive
July 2012
DASH Annual report 2011/2012
22nd June 2012
M21 Live Art Event in Much Wenlock
May 5th and 6th 2012
Visual Art Workshops at DASH November 2011 - May 2012
13th March, 17th April, 15th May 2012


DASH's Disability Film Festival
October 25th until October 28th 2011
Debate A-N magazine - October 2011
October 2011
Noemi Lakmaier's commission 'Object/Female'
September 2011
Open Studios Exhibition at DASH
July 2011
Camp DAG - The Disabled Avant Garde
9th and 10th September 2011
Just Dali
April 1st, 2011
Back by popular demand... Visual Arts Workshops at DASH
April 1st, 2011
IMP - Improvised Music Project
January until June 2011


Raising profile of disabled artists
30th September 2010
Sean Burn opens at New Art Gallery Walsall
September 2010
Day In The Life Of
August 1st, 2010
The First UK Disability Film Festival
3rd December 2010
Disability arts group offering workshops
16th March 2010
DASH @ HOME - a series of Visual Arts Workshops - FREE and open to all
18th May 2010 onwards
DASH Film Festival and Training Day - FREE event
Monday 22nd March 2010


Film and Disability 2009 at Borderlines Film Festival
August 1st, 2009
DASH Annual report 2008/2009
26th June 2009
Arts group moves into new home
26th March 2009
Borderlines Film Festival - March 2009
19th March until 5th April 2009
THE SPACE - Launch Party
Thursday 3rd December 2009


December 1st, 2008
Artists Development Team (2)
November 1st, 2008
Preparing for speedy expansion
15th October 2008
DASH Annual report 2007/2008
20th June 2008
Artists Development Team (3)
June 1st, 2008
Film and Disability 2008 at Borderlines Film Festival
May 1st, 2008
Gallery plan for DASH
6th March 2008
Artists get online showcase
17th January 2008


BBC Shropshire online - 2007
11th October 2007
DASH Annual report 2006/2007
22nd June 2007
Ludlow Carnival 2007
May 1st, 2007
Scene and Heard - Shrewsbury Chronicle
6th March 2007
Recruiting disabled artists
16th February 2007


Shrewsbury Chronicle - Video shines light
16th November 2006
Shrewsbury Chronicle - Lantern changes
9th November 2006
DASH Annual report 2005/2006
23rd June 2006
Ludlow Carnival 2006
29th May 2006
Visual Art Slabs in Walsall
24th March 2006


Unleashed - mixed media exhibition
19th September 2005
DASH Annual report 2004/2005
24th June 2005
Ludlow Carnival 2005
25th May 2005
Disabled artists gear for Carnival
20th May 2005
Borderlines Film Festival - March 2005
18th March until 31st March 2005
DASH opens doors to arts events
24th February 2005


Scene and Heard - Shrewsbury Chronicle
21st October 2004
ACE West Midlands news - August 7th 2004
7th August 2004
DASH Annual report 2003/2004
25th June 2004
Digital Now 1 and 2
April 1st, 2004


Drive to bring access to arts
Autumn 2003
DASH Annual report 2002/2003
20th June 2003
Ludlow Carnival 2003
1st June 2003
Astoria Project
April 2003


DASH performers acquire £40,000 for 'King of Fools'
1st August 2001
King of Fools
1st August 2001


DASH Annual report 2000
23rd June 2000
International Festival of DA - 2000
1st March 2000 - spring
Shropshire Millennium Art Commissions
1st January 2001


Shire Magazine - summer 1999
1st August 1999 - summer


Festival of DA - October 1998
16th October until 25th October 1998
Friends of DASH broadsheet
1st January 1998


Festival of DA - June and July 1997
23rd June until 6th July 1997


DASHMAG - July 1996
July 1996
Festival of DA - June and July 1996
24th June until 7th July 1996


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