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Richard Downes: Poetry

Acorn; The Fire Goes Out and Then it Burns Again​​​​​​​

Raking over ashes
To find the odd ember
Pecking spitefully
At fallen splinter groups
You think back
To the time
The fire was lit
The flame that flickered bright
And you wonder
When impassioned
Did you shout
Loud enough
Did you chant
Slogans to the air
Was it all worthwhile?
Did it all go up in smoke?
Was water poured on petrol?
Before the bonfire image
From old Whitehall
Emits a warmer glow
You tried, you sought
To make a difference
First in terms of peace
Then later civil rights
And through the burn
Of Austerity
The incandescence of your rage
The gathering campfire
Of your peaceful protest
You puff slow and gentle
At that final ember
Throw on paper
Throw on twigs
The fire will burn again

Richard Downes
​​​​​January 2019


Yoko’s first earth piece asks you to think about the fire at the centre of the earth.

Where is your fire?

What does it bring you?