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World Two: Online Course

In this magical world artists created playful alter-ego of themselves, as well as designed and made the other world in which this being lives. Students also learnt to customise clothes and use acrylic paints to create the studio set of theirr alter-ego’s ‘world’.

In this world artists played with the medium of Zoom - the ‘digital window’ through which theirr painted worlds would be framed. They also discovered about inspiring artists, such as Rebecca Horn, Nick Cave, Monster Chetwynd and Cinzia Ruggeri. And practised drawing and painting on fabrics and for the character’s backdrop.

Each artist created a personalised wearable artwork and built an installation designed for this magical world.

This was online arts course, taking place over Zoom.

Art Forms: Fashion, painting, photography, performance art, scenic design.

A wall of yellowish bricks with a large rectangular artwork leaning upon it. The canvas is a bright and busy abstract work, that could be described as being like graffiti. The most striking colours are blues and yellows which are interspersed with reds.

World Two Artist Leader: Luca Bosani

Luca Bosani is an artist exploring and challenging the boundaries of performance art. They have extensively exhibited nationally: Tate Britain (UK), Kunstraum (UK) and internationally. Luca holds an MA in Performance (Contemporary Art Practice) from the Royal College of Art, London (UK) and a BA in Design from Politecnico di Milano, Milan (Italy).

A white room with one wall featuring blue and white vertical stripes. Three men in bright clothing walk up and down as models. Two of the men wear brightly painted jackets and skirts in a detailed design, the third wears red and black striped trousers and a matador style jacket. At the far end of the room onlookers watch the catwalk show.

Image: Knaves of Radiance, Luca Bosani

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