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Curating Institutional Change

Three webinars that discuss how the visual arts sector can become more inclusive and accessible for Disabled people.

Curating Institutional Change: Rocking the Boat 

This event focuses on how to challenge the normative structures at play which are built upon established methodologies and traditions of organisations.

How can we offer and model change without the institutions and organisations becoming fearful and resisting the change? How can we create, encourage and embed a process of meaningful transformation?



Curating Institutional Change: Care and Compassion

We expect the arts to be a naturally understanding, empathic, touchy feely environment. The reality is often far from this for institutions and organisations with the increasing pressures of inflated expectations, shrinking finances and, quite frankly, juggling an unrealistic number of balls.

Perhaps now more than ever we need to remember we are dealing with people. How do we slow things down a little and bring back the humanity? How can we care for our community of artists, curators, administrators, cleaners and the CEO in the same meticulous way we attend to the art works?



Curating Institutional Change: InsideOut OutsideIn

How can organisations change from gatekeeping to welcoming a wider constituency? What benefits can be gained by re-evaluating the structures and roles of an organisation and who has access to it?

This event explores how active inclusive organisational change can enrich the day-to-day life within an organisation or institution.

This event includes the launch for the next cohort of Institutions and organisations to be part of the network and host a disabled curator.