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World Three: Online Course


Course Dates: 29 June - 22 July 2021

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What might a modern shrine look like? During this course, Jon will guide you through a highly personal process, where you might choose to work with clay figures, explore mould-making, make impressions of natural and found objects, write letters and poems, draw or fold paper.

The individual ‘shrine’ that you create will become a small installation and perhaps even a performance. Your world will evolve into part of our wider world - created and inspired by your own experiences and creative processes - a collective memento. This is an online arts course.

Art Forms: Mixed-media, illustration, installation, clay, written and spoken word, collage and assemblage, digital and analogue image making.

World Three Artist Leader: Jon Adams

Profile photograph of the artist leader. The image is black and white and square format. The artist wears glasses and a shirt with sleeves rolled up, and is kneeling on the right hand side of the image facing to the left. He is outdoors on grass beside a mature tree, looking down at white flags that are arranged in rows on the grass. He also holds a bunch of flags in his left hand

Jon is both a self-taught contemporary Artist, an advocate and researcher. He makes a variety of work in many differing media often referencing his autism, synaesthesia and dyslexia, all interwoven with history, science, time and his past experiences. He's shown in galleries such as Royal Academy and Tate Modern.

He campaigns for the rights of Neurodivergent people to fully access the arts, funding, health care and relevant research. Jon also leads Flow Observatorium.

Artist Profile: