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Future Curators Programme

The Future Curators Programme 2023-2026 is a residency programme for Disabled curators within visual arts institutions.

This call out is now closed.

The Future Curators network was looking for the 3 new partners to join the present 3 galleries to develop the next round of residencies from 2023 - 2026

We were looking for:

  • galleries based in England
  • There will be a financial contribution.
    A copy of the FCP budget, detailing what this contribution will cover is available to view on the FAQ's page.

Each gallery will have a Disabled curator based within their space for a year (usually 1 day/week) plus a 3 month post residency period

Applications will be welcome from organisations in England who are committed to making genuine institutional change and diversifying the sector.

Since 2018, DASH has worked with mac, MIMA and Wysing Arts Centre to develop the Future Curators Programme, with each organisation hosting a Disabled curator for a 12 month period.

The programme has pointed up – and hopefully started to address – serious issues of access and representation for disabled people within the visual arts workforce. According to recent figures from Arts Council England, only 6% of permanent employees of regularly-funded visual arts organisations identify as disabled, compared with 21% of the working-age population*.

"Through years of working with disabled artists and seeking to make the visual arts sector more inclusive and accessible, it is clear to DASH that meaningful progress depends upon Disabled people taking positions of influence within visual arts organisations, rather than simply on well-meaning individual projects with limited long-term legacy.

The Future Curators Programme makes this meaningful change possible. Through the Curating Institutional Change events we hope to share our learning and explain how accessibility and inclusivity brings benefits to everyone – Disabled and non-Disabled people alike." 
Mike Layward, Artistic Director of DASH


The application form on submittable asks the following questions:

  • Who will be responsible for managing and supporting the 'future curator' in your organisation?
  • Who will be their back up in event of sickness etc.?
  • Can your organisation commit to the £35,000 financial commitment over the next NPO round 23-26? (your organisation doesn't have to be an NPO but we need to be certain that you can make this financial contribution).

Your answers to the following questions in this should not exceed 4 sides of A4 in total.

  • What will the impact be on your organisation to be part of the programme? Please tell us how you think this will impact on your working practices and structures, with regard to future work with audiences, artists, staff and digital outputs. 

  • Why do you want to be a partner? 

  • What will your organisation bring to the programme?

  • What do you hope the future curator would bring to your venue?

  • What do you think will be the benefit to your curatorial team and how do you think they will work with the future curator? 

  • What level of access support will you be able to provide to the curatorial resident? What support do you have in place at present and what do you think are the areas that you need to improve on?

Deadline for applications: 6 September 2021

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