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Aidan Moesby

Aidan Moesby, an artist and curator whose practice considers art, health and technology, investigates the dual crises of climate change and mental health and explores the relationships between the outer physical weather and internal psycho-emotional weather. Moesby is concerned with language: literally in text-based pieces, through the use of metaphor and the emotional and psychological language of spaces and location.

He regularly participates in panel discussions, presents at conferences, lectures, mentors, trains and facilitates groups and discussions.

He has worked, exhibited and curated nationally and internationally, working with galleries and organisations such as Dundee Contemporary Arts, Newcastle University, Laboratorio Arte Alameda (CDMX), WIP: Stockholm, The Tetley, New Media Scotland, NHS24, ANAT(Aus), Watershed, Jadraas Art (SE:SU) and The Sick of the Fringe. Despite this, developing a sustained career or gaining employment as a curator in an institution has remained an elusive goal.