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Antonia Attwood

Antonia Attwood is a photographer and film maker, whose work derives from personal experiences of mental health conditions. She is particularly interested in the discomfort and often taboo subjects that mental health issues can raise. Her work is about sharing stories and recreating experiences with the aim of raising awareness and starting new dialogues. Exploring specific issues, not simply a general mental health diagnosis but its effect on a particular individual, and collaborating with people who have suffered from poor mental health. Her interviewees always remain anonymous so that they feel comfortable opening up about subjects that are often closed. We all have thoughts that could be deemed inappropriate, and it is common in mental health situations to avoid talking about these for fear of judgement. Antonia wants to open these subjects up in order to reveal things that are unspoken and to give people permission to be honest and open.

Most of her work is multi-screen installations, which enables her to create an immersive environment, intensifying the feelings explored by surrounding the spectator with images and sound. The installations can be seen as collages made up of smaller explorative parts. Antonia works with objects in the space in order to create barriers which force the viewer to engage physically with the narrative.

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Daniel and Antonia were commissioned by DASH and QUAD for the INSIDE programme.