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April Star Davis

A painted image in thick paint in red, blue yellow and black paint. At the centre is a five pointed star. The painted image recreates a collage effect.

Painting on metal or old wood, most of the things davis incorporates into
her art she recycles from her trips around the city …found objects turn
into fuel for driving transformation…what was once waste or was viewed as
old is now perfectly suited for art... davis often sands her objects and
materials with power tools & most paintings each contain several in one:under each finished piece can lie 6 others that did not feel “done”...

"I do not like new flat fresh surfaces," says Davis, "they are sterile & contain no history."

I was born in 1969 and raised in a hippie commune so saw many things at a
young age... one of my favorite people in the community killed herself, my
mother's boyfriend shot himself... what I saw was not always what a
young person should be seeing but made me savvy early on... I put what I
couldn't get out or figure out onto wood, canvas, anything I could get
my hands on.... blood is a recurring image, in the sense not of terror but
of beauty.... blood is a life source & giver and can stain your soul just
with its presence....

“ I use what I can find, ephemera of lives no longer being lived, old report
cards, passports, union records, little snips of a person's life... I
use them to preserve the story & make it into part of my own story because coming from where I do I don’t have the family tree and no documentation of where I’m from , so I’m trying to create it perhaps.”

"The test or words I use aren’t saying anything but an appreciation of form and shape of the various lettering and cultures"

A collage of black and white photographic and coloured printed images. It features a couples in various clinches and in the bottom left corner a large bunch pf red and white wild roses enveloped with green leaves.
A colourful collage featuring both image and text. In the top left are the words: bazaar children. Against the backdrop of trees there are depictions of children including an image of a solitary girl at the centre. There are references to war and what looks like a bloodied open violin case.

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