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Ceridwen Powell

Originally from Bradford, West Yorkshire, Ceridwen Powell came to Mid-Wales in 1983 to study English at Aberystwyth University. Upon graduating, she spent time travelling in the UK and Europe, returning to Aberystwyth in 1988. Ceridwen moved to Powys in 1998 and is now well-settled in Montgomeryshire.

Ceridwen is interested in shape and colour and how they can express ideas and emotions. She has had no formal art training, but instead experiments with ideas and materials and takes an instinctive approach. Ceridwen is an abstract artist and enjoys working in a variety of media. She is developing her work in mixed media, using reclaimed and recycled materials.

"Much of my work explores disability issues. In the current political climate, disabled people are increasingly demonised, and I feel that it is important that disability artists are a voice for disabled people in these troubled times. I also often explore social and environmental issues."

Ceridwen Powell

She uses the artist name Ceridwen Powell to reflect her adopted Welshness, and she is inspired by the colours and shapes of the beautiful Montgomeryshire landscape, and Celtic myths and legends.

You can learn more about Ceridwen Powell's work on her website and on Outside In.