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fragisle by gobscure for Awkward bastards at Home.

playful and poetic, visual-sound-performance-text
creative resistances internationally & virtually
writing as burn, creating art / sound / performance as gobscure, using plural as reflection on our broken mind. associate artist with disability arts online and museum of homelessness (both part of our lived experience), & filmpro. under commission to the auxiliary, to dash, and to regeneration cic. supported by vital spark ideas fund and future's venture fund. member of northern broadsides arts squad. part of graeae theatres beyond scheme

yu can't start revolutions sitting on yr arse written by gobscure​​​​​​​

Directed by Rosa Stourac McCreery Performed by Lindsay Nicholson and Faye Alvi

The solo show provoked to madness by the brutality of wealth continues its slow / safe tour live & in person to harrogate 27 oct, slung low premiere - called it - 'a moving, powerful, eloquent

small cardboard house, lit from the inside

lengthy track-record successfully delivering commissions, research, residencies and solo exhibitions. these past two years have seen solo exhibitions in belfast (still alone in her voices), wakefield (nudging meteors), athens (stitching petals to lead) and venice (is that a bruise or a tattoo) - the last two thanks to alma zevi

reclaiming languages ov lunacy long-term thanks to dash (& their partners in new art gallery walsall, m21, incorrigibles, awkward bastards)

current performance provoked to madness by the brutality of wealth (title is by engels in the 1840's), was supported by a camden peoples theatre bursary. trailer at

austerity crutch plus visual poem from 'provoked to madness by the brutality of wealth'

Image above - austerity crutch plus visual poem from 'provoked to madness by the brutality of wealth'

'hyeanas in petticoats' photo on right is taken through glass, a figure stasnds to the right with a paper hyena mask and a long hooped white skirt, they are looking at another person sho is sitting down. On the left of the image is a poem about Mary Wollstonecroft

Image above - hyenas in petticoats
mary wollstonecraft was written off 200 years ago as hyena in petticoats for being pamphleteer, feminist, european, mad, bad, rad & bi - whats not to love! this performance is small part of a multifaceted installation including visual poetry / film / installation + living library. sound-art element commissioned by curious 2018

sound-art includes broadcasts with radiophrenia (cca) - redvoices - about sectioning / post-sectioning hostel premieres may 2019 c.e.,

films include ur's for kurt (schwitters)-bfinalist 100 years of dada, ica, london, moths & rust for dac / mission gallery swansea and gregor-samsa-awake - finalist at altff spring 18