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Hayley Williams-Hindle

"I develop multi-sensory and interactive pieces that are often research based or have elements of data visualisation in them, and that challenge a conventional world view of human cognitive experience. I am currently working with film and writing, drawing, acrylic and light and VR work, often in installation.

My approach is informed by a neurodiversity perspective, that invites reflection and celebration of different cognitive and cultural understandings of the world and our ways of interacting with it and with each other." Hayley Williams-Hindle

a cube like space with assorted clothing, flags and clothes pegged on string across the ceiling. Images are attached to the wall and on the right hand side is a black screen mounted to the wall. The end of the space opens out onto shops.

Hayley was one of 31 d/Deaf, Disabled and Neurodivergent artists to take part in the DASH award winning project: We Are Invisible We Are Visible (WAIWAV).

The artists staged Dada inspired interventions in 30 museums and galleries across Britain and Northern Ireland on 2 July 2022 only​​​​​​​, marking the 102nd anniversary of the 1st Dada International Exhibition in Berlin.

Hayley's intervention, 'ASTERION' took place at Modern Art Oxford. Read More.

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