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...kruse is a neurodivergent, experimental artist and writer.

While situated within the territory of contemporary visual art, ...kruse’s work is purposefully experimental and includes drawing, writing, storytelling and phenomenological research.

Located somewhere between scientific enquiry and conceptual practice,...kruse attempts to capture intangible, elusive and time-bound phenomena, making visible that which we do not normally see; not the object itself, but the unseen traces an object leaves as it moves in space and time.

In 2018 ...kruse was awarded Arts Council funding for Drawn, an R&D project exploring how digital devices can be used to express autistic responses to landscape and environment.

Recent work explores themes of temporality, divergence & transhumanism through a speculative, fantastical relationship with AuTCRONE, a digitally embodied potentiality, a semi-fictional cyborg from the future. Their divergent collaboration, which moves fluidly through time and space, is generating a complex, interdependent practice that aims to challenge and disrupt neurotypical expectations and conventions.

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A pixilated headshot of Kruse, in pink and red.
Black pen on paper. Several lines are built up to form a block colour at the centre, becoming finer towards the edges.