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Ludovic Foster

Ludovic Foster is an artist and academic who explores relationships between science, visual art, sound and movement in drawing and mixed media, from a neurodivergent perspective.

Born in the South Wales Valleys, Ludovic studied for an MA in painting at Winchester School of Art. He holds a PhD in Gender Studies from the University of Sussex for his thesis Narratives of Tomboy Identity in Fiction and Film: Exploring a Hidden History.

Ludovic has lived in East Sussex for a number of years and, much of his earlier artwork has been informed by his encounters as an avid swimmer within the coastal landscape surrounding Brighton and Hove. His work conveys the pleasure and value that Ludovic finds the in quotidian and ephemeral: billboard posters, deserted car parks, industrial buildings, and the municipal pool.

Employing materials such as ink, watercolour paint, graphite and pencil allows the freedom for both energetic mark making, and controlled physical movement. The variety of marks and the use of hastily torn masking tape and commercially available handmade paper, suggest the tension between restraint, disruption and impermanence.

As part of his present practice Ludovic has started to experiment with video and synthesised sound, as well as surreal cartoon style drawings of hand tools and other household objects that are imbued with a sense of the uncanny.

Using a neurodivergent perspective Ludovic continues to expand upon the aforementioned themes through his developing interest in the relationship between science, visual art, sound and movement.

His ideas also engage with theorist Jose Esteban Munoz's concept of queerness as an ideality, queerness as horizon to reclaim the possibilities of utopian imagination, Which in turn draws on Marxist historian C. L. R. James's idea of the 'future in the present.' ​

Ludovic has exhibited at the Trans/Forms exhibition in Bristol in 2015, and as part of the SEAS - Socially Engaged Art Salon’s Open Pride exhibition in Brighton 2018. He also created an illustration for the local Thomas Highflyer Project, which was funded by the Heritage Lottery. and in 2019 contributed a watercolour painting to the Outside-In "Environments" Exhibition .

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​His website can be seen here ​​​​​
His instagram can be seen here.​​​​​​​

Image is a line drawing in black ink on a white background. Thick lines coloured in a textural way overlap and intertwine.

Image: Detail from A Semi-Flexible Tower by Ludovic Foster

The Conductor by Ludovic Foster

Image: Detail from The Conductor by Ludovic Foster

A Bit of a Stretch by Ludovic Foster. A black and white drawing showing an abstract stretched figure.

Image: Detail from A Bit of a Stretch by Ludovic Foster

Chlorinated Ocean by Ludovic Foster. A line drawing of 5 hand drawn wrenches protruding from waves at various heights on a black background.

Image: Detail from Chlorinated Ocean by Ludovic Foster