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Luke 'Luca' Cockayne

"I have a 1st class degree in Art, Philosophy & Contemporary Practice from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, Dundee, and an MFA in Art & Humanities. I have been a writer-in-residence at Stroud Valleys Artspace, and exhibited work in group shows at the Cooper Gallery, Generator Projects, Summerhall, SaltSpace Gallery, Gayfield Creative Spaces, Coburg House Art Studios and other publicly funded and/or artist-run spaces across Scotland.

I have an art studio in Bridgeton, Glasgow, and one of my paintings was featured on Grayson’s Art Club on Channel 4 this spring.

My dream is to have a solo exhibition in a publicly funded art gallery and/or for Tracey Emin to say something nice about my work."
Luke 'Luca' Cockayne

A black square on white paper booklet, stands upright on a wooden table. Below are the words; find a black square.

'Semanticically Satiationing Dada' by Luke 'Luca' Cockayne.

Luca was one of 31 d/Deaf, Disabled and Neurodivergent artists to take part in the DASH award winning project: We Are Invisible We Are Visible (WAIWAV).

The artists staged Dada inspired interventions in 30 museums and galleries across Britain and Northern Ireland on 2 July 2022 only​​​​​​​, marking the 102nd anniversary of the 1st Dada International Exhibition in Berlin.

Luca's intervention 'Semanticically Satiationing Dada' took place at Turner Contemporary, Margate.

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