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Lynn Cox

Mike Layward speaks with artist Lynn Cox; a mixed and multi-media artist. Her work goes beyond the visual to involve other senses and perceptions.

Lynn says:

After successfully completing a degree in Mathematics and Computing, I decided to pursue my passion for the arts so I subsequently obtained both a BA and MA in Fine Art. This then led into gaining qualifications in Equalities training and Life/Career coaching.

Having a first-hand understanding of disability through my own visual impairment, an extensive skill and knowledge base I steered my work to where my passions and enthusiasm shone: Integration and inclusion for disabled and creative entrepreneurs.​​​​​​​

Lynn and her work:

Anagrammatical 'Unsods' is one the first audio artworks I made within my professional career, which collages together impression of an arts project that took place on Lundy Island just after the millennium. First experience of creating audio snapshots of the acoustic world surrounding a visually impaired woman.

Duration 4.07 mins. Link below:

202020 The Psychogeographer's Tale and More​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Duration 6.49 mins. Link below

A 3d copper wire bust of Sophocles, with distinctive nose, beard and hair.

The Bust of Sophocles - Lynn Cox

The bust of Sophocles from the British Museum inspired this wire representation of the Poet's head.

The emphasis has been to highlight the hair, beard and moustache of the head so that their tactile impact is greater than the rest of the features.

In addition the head's flexibility gives psychologically a different perspective from the original. Effectively the piece works completely differently on a tactile level to the visual impact.