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Mark Noble

Mark Noble is pleased to announce his new 'Driftwood Collection' paintings. These works have been done on recycled materials such as wood, bark, tiles and even bits of old fences in an effort to lessen Marks impact on the environment.

Inspired by the work of Turner and other Romantic painters, Mark Noble hopes to be able to express the mystical, dream-like, and sublime, through delicate attention to the commonplace or overlooked, expressing the emotional and cognitive realities of the inner life as suggested by the beauty and transience of nature.

Mark believes that art plays an important role in today's society, especially for the wellbeing of disabled people.

"I am a professional artist and I am also severely dyslexic. Even in the arts I have faced boundaries, sometimes hostilities, but as an artist I use art as a visual language. On a canvas I can paint a thousand words in just one brush stroke. My inspiration is Turner, Constable, Church and Monet. These artists painted the sublime and they were Romantic painters with their own styles. They left to paint the natural world in all its full glory from the sublime sunset to a raging storm over a moody dark foreboding ocean."

Mark Noble

Mark has exhibited works across the UK and Europe, most recently in Prague, and has received interest from as far afield as South America. In 2011, Mark was commissioned by the government to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Disability Rights. The work was displayed at Houses of Parliament.

He is currently working to establish a teaching and mentoring programme which he hopes will give him the opportunity to encourage those who, like him, have creative dreams yet to be fully realised.

You can find out more about Mark and his work on his website and read about his experiences on The Art of Autism website.

You can also listen to his interview on YouTube where he talks about his art practice, his inspiration and techniques.