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Ruth Hamblett

Hamblett is a versatile artist who through her artistic process of self discovery produces experimental works that are varied in media; utilising printing, performance (group & solo), sculpture, mixed media & video. She focuses primarily on analysed disability & sensual perception in her practice whilst producing powerful works. Her works often depicts a view of the physical form that is a metaphor for living in a world that is a poor fit. Demonstrating that one size doesn’t his all and ‘best fit’ is not necessarily that.

Due to her disability, Hamblett has always struggled with everyday life and has development simply mechanisms to cope with her surroundings and to conceal issues such as negotiating stairs, escalators, bright lights etc. Her practice explores her hidden disabilities of Dyspraxia and Irlen Syndrome making the invisible, visible to the viewer through a variety of media. She reveals her altered spacial awareness, most notable through her film work depicting herself negotiating a flight of stairs whilst providing a documentary of her struggle to perform an everyday activity.

Hambletts’ work is evocative of a being that analyses herself and the world around her, enabling her to document the sensory process from a differing point of view. She embraces the opportunity to provide a window into disability for the viewer to create a wider understanding of the issues involved; and therefore relishes in showing her work in a variety of traditional and non-traditional setting.

Ruth is exhibiting a piece of work at Derby Quad, Exra Gallery Spaces as part of their Quad Self Portrait Exhibition (Online).

For more information and images of Ruth's work visit her website and her Disability Arts page.