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Tony Heaton

Tony Heaton has championed disability rights for decades and his activism has informed his practice both as an artist as well as his work as CEO and now as Chair of SHAPE, the disability arts organisation.

Heaton has for over thirty years, created a series of deadly serious games; ‘Wheelchair Entrance’, ‘Shaken not Stirred’, ‘Great Britain from a Wheelchair’, ‘Monument to the Unintended Performer’, ‘White on White’, ‘Wheelchair Descending a Staircase’, ‘The Barriers’, ‘Gold Lamé’, ‘Raspberry Ripple’, ‘TRAGIC-BRAVE’ and now, ‘Out of Order’ (WAIWAV 2 JUly 2022) have been played.


Tony was one of 31 d/Deaf, Disabled and Neurodivergent artists to take part in the DASH award winning project: We Are Invisible We Are Visible (WAIWAV).The artists staged Dada inspired interventions in 30 museums and galleries across Britain and Northern Ireland on 2 July 2022 only​​​​​​​, marking the 102nd anniversary of the 1st Dada International Exhibition in Berlin.

Tony's intervention, 'Out of Order' took place at BALTIC, Gateshead. Find out more.

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