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BBC Wales: Not Really Human

On April Fool’s Day in Cardiff almost 30 years ago, Chris Tally Evans walked in front of a bus while others around him chained themselves to vehicles and trains.

They had taken the fight for civil rights for disabled people onto the streets. This was happening within a generation of the label “Not really human” being attached to the notes of 12-year-old boy at a Welsh institution.

But soon after the action the first Act outlawing discrimination against disabled people passed through Parliament.

So that’s OK then? Not according to the people still campaigning on behalf of disabled people.

Chris re-unites with the people who encouraged him – as he struggled to come terms with losing his sight – to join the Direct Action Network and he speaks to today’s campaigners about modern discrimination against disabled people and why they are still fighting.

Chris Tally Evans presents a first-person history of the fight for disability rights in Wales.

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