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Blog from Edel Slawson - DASH Processions

What does #Processions2018 Mean to Edel Slawson?


I became aware of the banner making workshops on facebook some months ago and was immediately excited by the prospect of being involved in such an amazing and important event. Unfortunately due to work commitments I was unable to attend all the workshops.


This year has been a memorable year for me in many ways. I started my nurse training 40 years ago this month (May) and feel very proud to have been a nurse and the fact that I have survived that long with all the stress and political hassle it carries with it. I feel a little of the suffragettes' pain in that the establishments can be very frustrating in moving forward and creating an equal environment and looking after Nurses.


The other reason is that my mum died 10 years ago also in May and it has meant quite an emotional month and I felt that by doing the workshops I could somehow be part of the era that my mum, who was born in 1925 would have been part of. My mum was a very independent woman who was a singer and dancer and at times would have been driving around the country alone as a young entertainer going to different clubs and shows.


I am very excited about being part of something very special as we as women are still fighting on other levels including pay and equality. Although we havent had to go through the suffering and harshness that the suffragettes endured, we are still fighting in some way or another.


The workshop I attended recently was an amazing experience, everyone getting on with what ever jobs were needed to finish a beautiful piece of work which will become part of history. I love sewing and spend many hours sewing for family and friends and am delighted that I can use that skill which my mother taught me as a 7 year old.


I am looking forward to the forthcoming procession in Cardiff and will be very proud to walk in the procession. I plan to wear an appropriate dress and hat to honor the suffragettes.


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