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Blog from Jean Green - DASH PROCESSIONS project

Joining this group has been the best and the worst for me. I love the research, history, creative process and the company of like-minded people so I'm always open to the subject.

This particular celebration has been very emotional for me. The longer it's gone on, the more I've learned about myself and my own personal history. The vote has always been important to me as it is the one thing no one else controls or can withhold. It's MINE and I can vote for the people I believe will right for me and mine.

I soon realised at the first workshop that everyone of us were eager and committed to the “cause”. We seemed to just gel into a fully working group, and got on with the task in hand. Looking at photos of the original suffragettes creating their banners, it feels like we are recreating the same 100 years on. 

Our first workshop at Quatt introduced us to the second part of the main banner using small squares to frame the larger section. Words and Deeds is a brilliantly apt title for the discussions that followed and identified to us full equality is not just in our right to vote but encompasses so many areas. It opened my eyes to just how much work still has to be done not just in our country but worldwide.