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ICA: Visual Story Pack

Institute of Contemporary Arts introduce their new Visual Story Guide to give you a more accessible experience when visiting the ICA. No more getting lost, not knowing where the bathrooms are, and being misled by G**gle Maps.

They want to make it easier for you to find your bearings at the ICA (and the area around them!) in this complete guide with clear text, images and an exhibition sensory map.

Know what’s available to you and explore the Lower Gallery, bookstore, cinemas, theatre, and the bar and cafe with detailed directions.

You can pick up a printed copy from the Box Office at our front desk and is available on our website.

What’s in the Visual Story Guide?

◾ Learn about transport links (the tube, buses, Uber/Taxi drop-offs), nearby landmarks, and wheelchair access. Discover alternative entrances for when you arrive and leave.

◾ Find out who you’ll meet when you get to ICA, available amenities, age restrictions, and concessions. Ther commitment to a Good Night Out ensures a welcoming environment for everyone. @goodnightoutcampaign

◾ Explore our building and spaces with detailed directions, including cinemas, Lower Gallery exhibitions, and a sensory map. Unwind in quiet areas and find wheelchair-accessible spaces.

View the guide here: ​​​​​​​

On instagram? View the video here: ​​​​​​​