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Katharine Araniello

In memory of the sick bitch crip

I can’t believe that I won’t see Katherine and her work again. Work that would make me gasp and laugh like a hyena. She was a subversive, funny and clever woman.

I remember the first time I properly got to know Katherine was when the Disabled Avant Garde were awarded the Outside IN commission at Oriel Davies Newtown in 2010. They planned to create a pop up Disabled travellers camp in the middle of the town park. The camp had twelve disabled artists, a real fire, a pony and two caravans. I think Katherine and Aaron thought there would be great opposition from local people but in fact the camp was adopted by local travellers who wanted to know how they had got permission to camp there.

The energy that Katherine put into her work was phenomenal, she taught me loads about her as an artist and as a human being.

She will be sorely missed

Mike Layward