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Safe as Houses: A blog by Sonia Boue

In August 2020 Aidan Moesby commissioned Sonia to make work for the Thresholds Online Exhibition at MIMA as part of his DASH Curatorial Residency. Sonia wrote this piece for Aidan to explain her work. She shares it now as a blog post for the first time.

Concerned with interiority and an intense relationship with objects, Safe as Houses is a photographic series capturing my relocation to a secure studio space at the time of lockdown-easing in England.

This period feels like no other, yet echoes of past privations and confinements mingle with nostalgia and a desire for childish comforts. I’m interested in ‘regression’ as a response to reconnecting to a post Covid-19 universe. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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