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Tu Fewn - Aidan Moesby

An 'in' with a stranger - starting a creative conversation.

Curator Aidan Moesby begins a conversation exploring the notion of weather as a metaphor for the human condition.  Aidan has brought together an International selection of artists whose work resonates with his vision. Featuring Catrin Andersson; Joanne Mitchell; Zoe Preece and Tim Shaw.

This exhibition is a Tu Fewn project and presented as part of LGAC's "Maker to Curator" series.

Exhibition starts 16th January and runs until 12th March 2016.

Moesby explores the weather and art through the intersection of his socially engaged art practice. The weather is a rich source of metaphor, it is a driver of philosophical thought and even bound into some revolutionary politics.  January 2016.

For further details, visit the project page.