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We The Invisible Are Visible

I am riding a tube to participate (watch/witness) in two dada-ish interventions at Tate’s Modern and Britain. The first by Anahita Harding is silent and posing the question are you comfortable yet. I wonder where discomfort may arise. Impairment doesn’t feature in my response. The second is by Christina Lovey and seems to include clog dancing on a wooden board as such it moves me through time and tradition. I become aware that this is the first time that I have visited Tate Britain since the Jack Whistler protest – not that we protested about Whistler.

I feel caught between art and activism. I’m not sure which I value most. My history is advocacy. My history is activism. My current activity is as an artist. A poet. I like being a poet. It gives me the opportunity to declaim the world, reflect on where i was and where I am.

I am contemplating who i wrote this one for. I am wondering who I am addressing. I am wondering if there is a point to being included like this.

I wrote this poem on site. At the Tate Galleries.

We The Invisible Are Visible

We the invisible are visible*
Highgate, Embankment, Blackfriars, then Tate
Are you OK with me taking this route

Challenge set. Are you comfortable yet?
Question in response will you ever be?

With bathing beauties, fish out of water


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