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Wellbeing Wednesday webinars

Wellbeing Wednesday webinars for creative and free to join, 12-1pm each Wednesday

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If you need an invigorating conversation or just feel like dialling in to listen to an interesting, coach-led discussion with like-minded individuals then please sign up.

We all need to look after our mental health, maintain our resilience, and come up with solutions to challenges, and this hour is a chance to gain and give support through communication and community!

Dean Melbourne is excited to be collaborating with Jade Mitchell aka Blank Canvas Coaching on these weekly webinars. They're both coaches with a breadth of experience in the creative sector and who feel strongly there is a need for this kind of support for creatives, so please join them.

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They've also teamed up with Cosimo Arts whose objective is to open up the art world for everyone, something I’m passionate about too. Cosimo Arts are making the process of buying and selling art more easy, accessible, and affordable for all.