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Art Influencers - A Guided Tour of Art History

This course is designed as an introduction to art history and aimed at creatives aged 16 - 30. Participants will learn about key art periods before going on to explore them in more depth through your weekly art challenge. The course is ideal for anyone looking to start or diversify their portfolio or to strengthen their creative confidence.

DASH has sought artists who identify as disabled - including neurodiverse artists. The course has been designed to suit a range of abilities, whether self-taught, an early stage artist, or a more experienced artist who is yet to study the history of art, this will be a great starting point.

The course is going well and been well received by participants. There has been lots of interesting conversation and exploration of themes and we hope to be able to share some of the participants work with you soon.

The course is now closed to further applications but to find out more about this project, contact Sarah on: or telephone: 07483 388056​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

This cost-free course, is made possible by funding from DASH, Shropshire Council, Garfield Weston Foundation and Arts Council England. It has also received funding from Tesco Bags of Help.

In order to attend this free course participants needed to be able to answer ‘YES’ to these 4 questions:

  1. I can attend a 1.5 hour class each week for 12 weeks
  2. I am happy to spend 6+ hours each week making art
  3. I can access art supplies such as paper and pencils
  4. My internet connection is reliable enough to attend online classes via Zoom