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Cultivating Flight in Blue Skies

on a dark background, a young woman in dark grey cropped top and red shorts leans backwards towards a mirror, her her arms are reaching upwards her chin, pointing upwards, merges with her faces reflection in the mirror behind her, her white skin of her torso is bright against the dark background.

Cultivating Flight in Blue Skies was a recent project designed to support a D/deaf or disabled artist based in Coventry or Warwickshire.

Jazz Moreton took up the residency and commission, as well as constructive critical input, in partnership with DASH, Talking Birds and Coventry Biennal.

Jazz, an artist and activist based in rural Warwickshire, predominantly works with performance, sound and moving image and has previously made work with Artsadmin.

For Cultivating Flight in Blue Skies she explored the disabled voice, a term she uses in relation to her neurogenic stammer but which could also refer to a wide range of impairments affecting speech, making artworks which attempt to open up dialogues around communication and perception which will be presented at Coventry Biennial 2019.

Jazz explains:

"people fear the unfamiliar, and they fear upsetting disabled people by even broaching the subject of how some of us sound, as if we’re not aware of it"

The result of her residency is an audio-based work titled “Discursive Ability” exhibited at the Coventry Biennial. You can view a video trailer for “Discursive Ability” in this video by producer Jon Randle.

Please read more about Jazz's background and experiences in her recent interview with Mike Layward on our Blog page.